Industry-Academia Collaboration Support Center Saitama

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Industry-Academia Collaboration Support Center Saitama was established by Saitama Prefecture and Saitama City in June, 2006. This center is administered by the cooperation of the Saitama Medium and Small Business Center and the Saitama City Foundation for Industrial Creation. A purpose of the center establishment is to promote the industry-academia collaboration of the medium and small-sized enterprises (SMEs) that aim at the development of new products or technologies through industry-academia collaboration.

Five support function for SMEs

I. Consultation about industry-academia collaboration
The center talks with SMEs to the finish.
Our coordinators or staff members talk with companies who want to have a relationship with the university in order to get technical solutions for developing new products or technologies, or for improving manufacturing engineering.

Service days: Monday to Friday (except year-end and new year holidays and national holidays)
Service hours: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM (or to 4:00 PM for consultation with the coordinator)
Telephone: +81-(0)48-857-3901
Facsimile: +81-(0)48-857-3921

II. Fostering the interaction between the industry and academia
The center provides a chance for companies and academic researchers to communicate with each other.
To talk about technological seeds that universities or laboratories have and that companies can put to practical use, we hold seminars or meetings to give a chance for companies and academic researchers to communicate with each other naturally.

The center triggers communications.
We prepare a panel display stand in the center and hold a seeds exhibition and so on in order to trigger the interaction between companies and academic researchers.

Sainokuni Business Arena 2009 & Industry-Academia Collaboration Fair 2009This exhibition allows SMEs to show their products and workpieces and demonstrate their product developing competence and machining technologies.
Industry-Academia Collaboration Fair will take place simultaneously.・Date: January 27 (Tue.) and 28 (Wed.), 2008
・Venue: Saitama Super Arena
・Planned participants: 40 universities, Institute, support organization, ・・・・・
・Expected visitors: 12,000 people


III. Supporting industry-academia matching
Our coordinators match technological needs that companies wanting industry-academia collaboration have with university or laboratory seeds.

The center finds the best match to meet business needs.
In order to meet business needs for developing new products or technologies, or for finding solutions to technical problems, our coordinators select suitable university or laboratory researchers.

The center finds the best match to bud university seeds.
Universities or laboratories have technological seeds, while companies want to put technologies to practical use. Our coordinators find the best match in the prefecture to transfer the technology from the academia to the industry.

The center supports the formation of a joint research body.
We help companies form a joint research body in order to apply for competitive subsidies related to industry-academia collaboration, such as the national program “Local Rebirth Consortium R&D Project” and the prefectural program “Sainokuni Consortium Project.”

IV. Helping companies get competitive subsidies
The center helps companies obtain competitive subsidies.
For this purpose, we hold seminars for companies to learn procedures for applying for national competitive subsidies and know-how necessary to fill out the application.

The center supports an R&D project.
We help corporate management for companies to implement their R&D projects smoothly and efficiently, provided they have obtained national competitive subsidies with an aid from Saitama Medium and Small Business Center or City Foundation for Industrial Creation.

Information: Examples of the corporate management for Local Rebirth Consortium R&D Project are listed below.

(1) Signing a contract with the government and contractor.
(2) Holding a research promotion committee about six times a year.
(3) Buying machines.
(4) Controlling the progress of the project.
(5) Making a request to Kanto Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry for middle, continuous, and limited inspections.
(6) Procuring rental machines.
(7) Controlling the progress of complimentary research and making a status report two times a year.
(8) Carrying out a follow-up survey.
(9) Participating in an exhibition held by the government and preparing presentations.

V. Offering information
The center discloses information on our website.
We introduce universities and laboratories on our website and by issuing mail magazines. In addition, we survey and collect their seeds and information on industry-academia collaboration in the same fashion.

The center provides an information search booth.
We keep a room to offer information about seeds and researchers that universities and laboratories have. It allows companies to search for information about industry-academia collaboration, using the document retrieval system “J-Dream II” developed by Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST).

Information: About J-Dream II
This is the greatest and most popular database on scientific and technological documents in Japan and has about 45 million articles.


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